Kraken Springs Entry

anyone on property must check in at main office

Watersports / Diver: $35 per person PER DAY
(Includes Kayak / paddleboard rental, First come)



  • We love dive centers and instructors using Kraken Springs. If you pay for your entire group as a Dive Center/Instructor (Students pay you) at one time, you will receive discounts on air, entry, rental equipment, and we don't collect any student information other than a liability signature.
  • Instructors can receive free entry into Kraken Springs with the following student counts:
    • 4 Paying Students = 1 Free Certified Instructor
    • 6 Paying Students = 1 Free Certified Instructor, 1 Free Certified Assistant
    • 2 Paying Tec Students = 1 Free Certified Tec Instructor
  • Free Instructor Campsite with 6 Paying Entries. ($20 Upcharge / Night for Camper/RV)
  • Instructors Receive 10% Off Most Equipment Rental
  • Instructors Receive 10% Off Most Inventory
  • Overnight storage for Instructors and Divemasters
  • Please call for Instructor/Dive Center wholesale rates

Please call for special PSD, CLUB, Group, and Government pricing